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How my works are created

To bring my figurative artworks to life, I merge imagination with technology, crafting models to immortalize on canvas. With meticulous skill and attention to detail, I paint each aspect using acrylic colors. My preferred canvas is 380 grams per square meter cotton, and I have a penchant for large formats; typically, I create pieces sized 100 x 150 centimeters, though occasionally I exceed 100 x 200 centimeters. Each artwork is delivered unframed, securely packaged in a specially designed tube for worldwide shipping, ensuring its integrity throughout transit.

Every creation is a unique masterpiece; I never replicate my works. Similar to NFTs, but tangible rather than virtual, each piece possesses a unique code granting access to its dedicated area on my website, serving as an unfalsifiable authenticity guarantee. And if the code fails to grant access? My apologies, dear friend, you’ve acquired a counterfeit!

While I don’t directly sell to the public, my art finds its way through intermediaries like galleries and auction houses, both in physical spaces and online. If it resonates with you, venture into these avenues; with a bit of exploration, you’ll discover a piece enriching your collection with my artistic essence.

Street Art and Pop Art

In my exploration of street art and pop art, I’m committed to excellence, sourcing only the finest materials – canvases, resins, and acrylic paints – to manifest my vision. Drawing inspiration from high fashion houses, luxury car brands, and iconic labels, my creations weave elements of contemporary culture with sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities.

Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, a testament to my dedication to craftsmanship and pursuit of perfection. This hands-on approach ensures that every detail, from intricate embellishments to brushstrokes of color, is infused with intentionality and precision. Indeed, it’s this commitment to artisanal techniques that imbues my works with a sense of individuality and exclusivity, elevating them beyond mere artistic expressions and into coveted art objects.