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Authentication control

To verify the originality of your artwork, you must:

1. Click on the QR Code located on the back of the artwork to access its dedicated page.
2. Enter the password found on the back of the artwork when prompted.
3. Access the Warranty Token, where information about the artwork is available.

Example of the label on the back of the works

If you cannot access with the QR code, you can follow this procedure.

  1. Search for the name of your artwork, by clicking on it a password entry request will appear.
  2. Enter the unique code located on the back of your artwork.
  3. You will be directed to the dedicated page for your artwork, featuring the image, name, description, and creation date, confirming that you have purchased an original artwork by Mr. NobleX.

If you cannot find the name of your artwork or if the password does not work, you may have purchased a non-original artwork. Before becoming discouraged, please contact me at this address for further verification.

Enter the NAME of your artwork exactly as it is written on the back of the artwork. The search engine searches through all the content on the site, and if you do not enter the full name exactly as written, unrelated content to your artwork may appear, and it will not be possible to verify its originality.